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Lynette H-Richardson, MPA, MEd., GCDF

Has a myriad of skills and experiences in business, politics and higher education which includes automating Quickbooks accounting systems for small businesses, campaign management, career counseling, research and data analytics, and course instructions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master in Public Administration, Master in Higher Education, Leadership and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Adult and Career Education.

Lynette has co-researched and presented at the National Career Development Association Conference on “Exposing Visible and Invisible Barriers for International Students.” She also facilitated a workshop at the IndigoLife Women’s Conerence on the topic, “Cultural and Heritage Tourism to Promote Self-reliance and Community Wealth.” In addition to these she regularly presents to college on career development topics and Dining Etiquette.

Her first book “Netty’s Junkanoo Christmas,” started as an idea to share childhood memories with her granddaughter about her Christmas eperiences growing up in the islands of The Bahamas, and her love for a yearly street parade called Junkanoo. Today, she has several her published works on Amazon. Other Books

Lynett is the founder of two Facebook blogs at Bahamas Social Data Collection and Polling and At the Corner of Purpose, where she inspires others to step out on purpose to be all they were born to be.

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