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Relationship vs. Religion

Rose-Marie Deveaux (Author)  This book begs the question, “Should one chase after religion or desire a relationship with the father?”


 My Advice of All Times John “The U Can Man!” Isom (Author)

Twenty Years of Lessons and Growth There are two major components of personal growth: 1) receiving and believing the wisdom and encouragement you have gained over the years, and 2) putting that wisdom into practice. In this inspiring book, uniquely formatted as a collection of quotes, anecdotes, prayers, website posts, and letters, John “The U-Can! Man!” Isom demonstrates both components. After reading about and sharing in his 20-year-plus journey, you too will be inspired to draw strength from your past and apply it toward planning a spectacular future.



God’s Awesome Power and Creation

by Frank Carter(Author)

Frank Carter begins his book God’s Awesome Power and Creation with that simple question, then takes us on a journey from the beginning of time to the world’s end, focusing on Scripture passages that illustrate God’s presence and power. Carter challenges the reader to focus not only on the content of these passages, but why they are important and what important truths they illuminate about our relationship with the Father. After reading this book, you will be inspired to discover God’s power in everything—from the tranquility of a nature walk admiring His creation to the powerful truths uncovered when studying the Book of Revelation.


Eldridge Gardiner_

A Survivor and a Conqueror: The Journey of a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior

by Eldridge Gardiner (Author)

This book is the powerful testimony of Eldridge Gardiner, who at a time when he should have been in the prime of his life suddenly found himself suffering from a mysterious illness. As he grew physically weaker and no doctors seemed able to give him the help or even the definite diagnosis that he needed, Eldridge was often tempted to lose hope—which was exactly what the devil wanted. Eldridge quickly realized that he was in a battle not only for his life, but for his soul. It is the author’s hope that this story will serve not only to educate others on multiple sclerosis—a life-threatening illness that still has no cure—but also to make them aware that God still intervenes in our daily lives, that He heals and He saves.



In progress:

Mama Grenchy, Lynette Richardson

Bible It. A Model to be Modeled, John “You Can” Isom

A Covenant Relationship, Frank Carter

Discovering the World of Religion, Rosemarie Deveaux

Netty: Mind your Manners, Lynette Richardson

Island Gyalz, Lynette Richardson

She Thought She Deserved It, Lynette Richardson

The Tattered Sweater,  Anne Stirrup

The Tarnished Gem,  Anne Stirrup







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